Yonity Bliss

Yonity Bliss is unique in appearance and use.

Hand-crafted from birch and beech wood,  protected by natural waxes and oils, which increase the resistance and durability of the wood. The surface is additionally treated with organic propolis.

There is a special shelf attached to the seat element, which can be placed neatly into the housing. You can regulate the intensity of the steam circulation by adjusting the flap on the bottom of the sauna. The position of sauna can be placed lengthwise or crosswise according to your preference. You can then surrender to the soothing sensations and enjoy in blissful moments.

To make your Yonity moments even more comfortable there is a soft cushion placed on top of the stool (included in the price)!


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Unique as we are

Yonity Bliss

Your blissful moments with

How to prepare

Yonity Bliss

Simply place a pot with hot water and herbs on a convenient shelf and insert it into the housing.


Before inserting the pot into the housing, set the intensity of the steam circulation with the flap at the bottom.


Technical details

Yonity Bliss dimensions.png

Standard dimensions & weight :


Yonity Bliss 

WxDxH: 474 x 340 x 390 mm

WxDxH:  18,7 x 13,4 x 15,4 in

~7,0 kg, ~15 lb

*The height can be adapted to your wishes.

You can define the desired height when ordering.

Total Yonity Bliss height together with cushion 440 mm (17,3 in)

Available space for a water pot:

Max. pot diameter: 200 mm (7,9 in)

Max. pot height: 210 mm (8,2 in)

Max. pot weight (full): 5 kg (11 lb)


The flap can be opened or closed during the use. Opened flap enhances air circulation, while the closed flap reduces air circulation, which causes higher steam density and more intensive process.

After the use, open the air flap at the bottom of the housing. It should remain open until the next use. This will enable better air circulation and exhaust of the excess moisture from the inside of the housing.

The surfaces of the wood may become a little rougher over the time, which is quite common.

The surface can be sanded with fine sandpaper and subsequently protected with natural oils or natural wood waxes.