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Yonity experience

Yoni steaming is an ancient healing practice, known also as »bajo« in Central and South America or »Chai-yok« in Korea, which has been passed down through many generations and revived by modern women. The medicinal properties of the herbs placed in the hot water support your cycle and reproductive system. The warm steam will safely and gently invite your yoni to awaken and blossom. It will take you on a profound voyage of reconnecting with your womb, the center of women's power, and entering most relaxing, soothing and blissful state.

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Designed with love

The form of a woman's body is Mother Nature’s most beautiful creation and an unsurpassable inspiration for Yonity’s design. Its soft, round lines inspire the feeling of serenity and at the same time a sense of refinement. Even though the Yonity steaming stool might appear fragile at a first glance, it is structurally very solid and robust.


Natural elements

Yonity is hand-crafted from  birch and beech wood. It is protected by natural waxes and oils, which increase the resistance and durability of the wood. The surface is additionally treated with organic propolis.


To make your Yonity moments even more comfortable there is a soft cushion placed on top of the stool. The cushion is also made entirely of natural materials.

Easy to use & maintain

Simply place your steamer on the special shelf, which is attached to the seat element, and place it neatly into the housing. Regulate the intensity of steam circulation by adjusting the flap on the bottom of the stool. Position Yonity lengthwise or crosswise according to your preference. Then surrender to the soothing sensations and enjoy in blissful moments.

Unique design


handcrafted with care and love

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Yonity cushion

The Yonity cushion, arranged for optimising your comfort and serenity, is composed entirely of natural and skin-friendly elements. It consists of two segments. The lower segment is made of 100% unbleached cotton and filled with refined buckwheat hulls, which can be replaced with the help of a fastener on the side. The upper washable cover is assembled with a combination of cotton and linen.

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Yonity water pots

The Yonity water pots are hand-made of thick ceramics that accumulate heat well and stay warm for a long time.

The inner walls of the water pot are glazed with transparent food-safe glaze.

Available in natural brown color or glazed in matt white.

Yonity yoni spa water pot brown-min.jpg


There are many herbs which can be harvested at nearby meadows and then used to perform yoni steaming practice.

The most commonly used herbs are lavender, rosemary, calendula, mugworth, yarrow, motehrwort and rose petals.

We recommend that you consult an expert herbalist prior to the usage of yoni spa, to make sure which herbs are most suited for your preffered purposes. 

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